Liar Liar

liarliarAn old piece done back for art school. We had to create an illustration for a magazine titled article about lying. Honestly one of my most technical pieces I’ve done in pastels. It’s easier when things are rendered with lighting. But sharp edges with flat colors? It was a challenge.

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Counter Point

counterpointThis illustration was published in a local Charleston, SC magazine in 2009. I did this at the very end of my senior year of college. It was a spot illustration for an article about building a water treatment plant. One side of the argument was preserving nature, while the other side argued for better drinking water.

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Rainbow Shark

rainbowsharkAn old piece back from my college days. Not all of my artwork makes it into my portfolio. That is suppose to be a selection of my best work. Sometimes rainbow shark here makes it in there, sometimes not.

I liked this assignment though. We were required to do an illustration with a shark, but had to use a warm color theme.

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